Awareness Day

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PANDAS/PITAND/PANS Awareness Day strives to bring global awareness of these devastating disorders.

This page is where you will find helpful information on how to have an official awareness day declared and a clearinghouse for most of your needs in organizing an event or activity.

If you do not have an official awareness day proclaimed in your area, you can still show support and help educate the public on these devastating disorders by having your event or activity take place on OCTOBER 9, 2013.




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Events and Activities
Download Awareness Day Images
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States and Countries with Awareness Day Applications in Review
Have an Awareness Day Proclaimed in Your Area
List Your Proclaimed Awareness Day or Awareness Day Event/Activity
Frequently Asked Questions


Events and Activities

This section will be updated as PANDAS is informed of new events and activities.

Download Awareness Day Images

To download photos:

The entire Awareness Day library of photos can be found at our Photobucket page. You can download photos from Photobucket by clicking on the photo on Photobucket, having it open in a new window, and clicking the download button found on the lower right side of the webpage.

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Download Handouts and Printables


Overview of Disorders


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Awareness Day Coloring Page

States and Countries with Awareness Day Applications in Review

The following states and countries have had parents apply for an Awareness Day:

Have an Awareness Day Proclaimed in Your Area

How to have an Awareness Day Proclaimed in your City or State

Sample Text for Proclamation Request

List Your Proclaimed Awareness Day or Awareness Day Event/Activity


Please contact us [email protected] with the location information (ie. state, city, or country) and the date. Please provide a link to the proclamation and/or a photocopy of the official proclamation, if possible.


If you would like to have your event or activity listed, please email the following information to [email protected]:

1. Contact Name
2. Contact Information (email, phone, address – please indicate what can be publicly listed)
3. Event Name
4. Day of Event
5. Time of Event
6. Location of Event
7. Description of Event

PANDAS Network .org does not hold any liability for the events listed on this website. After your event or activity has taken place, PANDAS Network .org will ask for a follow up description of what the event was like. This can include details, photos, etc. that can be posted on

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of events and activities do you suggest?
This is really up to the organizer. Some suggestions include:

  • “Donating” status updates and images on personal and broad based social media outlets and websites
  • Offer to be a special speaker at local clubs at universities (ie. Psychology Club)
  • Presentation, activities at a public library (you may be able to rsvp a room for free)
  • Create and exhibit for a school, university, local festival, etc
  • Bake sale to raise money for research or organization
  • Walk-a-thons
  • Contests at school or work to raise money for a donation to an organization or research study.

I was unable to secure an official awareness day in my state. Can I still participate?
YES! An “officially proclaimed” day is wonderful, but lack of one does not mean you cannot promote awareness of PANDAS/PITAND/PANS on a specific day. We are suggesting that people try to do their event on October 9, 2013 to show solidarity as a community, but if a different day is more convenient, that is understandable. Just let us know the date when you submit the event.

Why is October 9 the day we should try to secure for an awareness day?
October 9 is the day that was chosen for the first proclaimed awareness day in the country. Choosing this day will help for consistency purposes. Every year, the Fall months are busy for our organization. This may be due to back to school time when stress is rising, kids are being exposed to more illnesses, etc. It makes sense to have an awareness campaign during a time when the number of onset cases is increased. Hopefully, the influx in educating the public at this time will enlighten a parent of a possible root cause of new symptoms they are seeing in their child.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still participate?
YES! We have already had parents from other countries contact us informing us they will research how to have an awareness proclaimed by them. Again, if you do not have an awareness day declared, you can still increase awareness through various activities on October 9, 2013. Awareness of these disorders is a GLOBAL effort.

I want to make a donation for Awareness Day? Do you have suggestions of where to donate?
Making a donation in honor of PANDAS/PITAND/PANS Awareness Day is a great way to show support! Below are 3 suggestions:

  • PANDAS is a 501c3 non-profit organization dependent entirely on donations. Information on how to donate to PANDAS can be found here.
  • Dr. Agalliu’s Lab at UC Irvine – Information on his research and how to donate can be found here.
  • Dr. Cunningham’s Lab at Univ. of OK – Information on her research and how to donate can be found here.

Is Awareness Day merchandise available?
Because we are a small non-profit, we are not able to provide complimentary items. PANDAS does have an online store on where one can find selected Awareness Day items for a limited time. The AWARENESS DAY ITEMS can be seen right from this link. The rest of our online store can be found at