Basal Ganglia Encephalitis Caused by Strep – Proven

Th17 Lymphocytes Drive Vascular and Neuronal Deficits in a Mouse Model of Postinfectious Autoimmune Encephalitis

(Maryann P. Platt, Kevin A. Bolding, Charlotte R. Wayne, Sarah Chaudhry, Tyler Cutforth, Kevin M. Franks, and Dritan Agalliu)

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Video discussing paper can be viewed here

Group A Streptococcus Intranasal Infection Promotes CNS Infiltration by Streptococcal-specific Th17 Cells

(Thamotharapillai Dileepan, Erica D. Smith, Daniel Knowland, Martin Hsu, Maryann Platt, Peter Bittner-Eddy, Brenda Cohen, Peter Southern, Elizabeth Latimer, Earl Harley, Dritan Agalliu, and P. Patrick Cleary)

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Video discussing how Group A strep ignites Th17 cells (Presented by Dr. Dritan Agalliu and Dr. Patrick Cleary) video link

Hello from the Other Side: How Autoantibodies Circumvent the Blood–Brain Barrier in Autoimmune Encephalitis

(Maryann P. Platt, Dritan Agalliu, Tyler Cutforth)

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