Madison Sarlo

Madison is a college senior at James Madison University, studying biology and psychology on a pre-medicine track, and will be serving as chair of the Patient Advisory Committee. She was diagnosed with PANDAS at age 11 by a renowned neurologist after struggling for two years without a clear diagnosis. She has since made a full… Continue reading Madison Sarlo

Molly Bush

Molly Bush has worked for a number of non-profit organizations as an advocate and therapist in community mental health services with refugee and immigrant communities, as well as survivors of trafficking and sexual violence, with an emphasis on trauma-informed care, community-based recovery models and somatic practices. She was a collaborator in developing and facilitating cultural… Continue reading Molly Bush

Allison Elizabeth

Allison is a college student in Philadelphia. She is majoring in biology and minoring in health studies with aspirations to enter the medical field. After fighting her own battle against PANDAS as a young teenager, she started looking for ways to give back to the PANDAS community and support other kids on the PANDAS recovery… Continue reading Allison Elizabeth