Emily’s PANDAS Story

She developed PANS in 2020 and is healing.  She is a high school freshman whose diagnosis was unclear and treatment was difficult to find. Today she is healing and happy to share her journey with others. Emily was a typical kid. She had a typical birth and did all of the things that kids do like… Continue reading Emily’s PANDAS Story

New Research Identifies Key Differences Between Sydenham Chorea and PANDAS

A recent study has helped clarify how dopamine receptors and autoantibodies help identify symptoms in children with Sydenham chorea and PANDAS. Dr. Madeleine Cunningham and Dr. Chandra Menendez are authoring a study outlining how autoantibody activation of D1 and D2 dopamine receptors may help create new diagnostic criteria for PANDAS. A new study authored by… Continue reading New Research Identifies Key Differences Between Sydenham Chorea and PANDAS

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Katy’s PANDAS Journey

Katy began experiencing PANDAS symptoms when she was 7 years old. Thanks to a school nurse, she was referred to a specialist who was able to get her the treatment she needed to start down the path to recovery. Today she is a recent high school graduate on the way to a bright future starting… Continue reading Katy’s PANDAS Journey

We See You, Dad!

By: Stacie Manna The father’s role in a PANDAS Family is one that can make him feel alone and invisible, some days more than others. This Father’s Day, I am here to remind you, dads, how important you are. We see you, feel you, and have not forgotten about you. PANDAS is a family illness… Continue reading We See You, Dad!