After a strep outbreak in their household, Melissa’s 12-year-old son John began experiencing severe depression and symptoms of numerous psychiatric disorders. Following a 3-year journey to get an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, both John and his younger sister Elizabeth were diagnosed with PANDAS. Read Melissa’s PANDAS story below, as told in her own words… Continue reading Our PANDAS/PANS Story

Katy’s PANDAS Journey

Katy began experiencing PANDAS symptoms when she was 7 years old. Thanks to a school nurse, she was referred to a specialist who was able to get her the treatment she needed to start down the path to recovery. Today she is a recent high school graduate on the way to a bright future starting… Continue reading Katy’s PANDAS Journey

We See You, Dad!

By: Stacie Manna The father’s role in a PANDAS Family is one that can make him feel alone and invisible, some days more than others. This Father’s Day, I am here to remind you, dads, how important you are. We see you, feel you, and have not forgotten about you. PANDAS is a family illness… Continue reading We See You, Dad!

Kai and Brielle’s Story: How a Family Coped With Nearly a Decade of PANDAS

Micaela Widman’s children Kai and Brielle both suffered for years from undiagnosed autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Learn how they finally received life changing diagnoses and treatment. Micaela Widman and her husband Jerad live in Overland Park, Kansas. They have six children: Kai (22), Jace (20), Kale (18), Sterling (16), Brielle (14), and Brenna (10). From 2011 to… Continue reading Kai and Brielle’s Story: How a Family Coped With Nearly a Decade of PANDAS

A Mother’s Thoughts

By Stacie Manna  “PANDAS mom” is a title I would not wish on anyone. PANDAS, standing for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections, is a disorder estimated to affect 1 in 200 children. It is common for a child to go to sleep one night and wake up the next day as if… Continue reading A Mother’s Thoughts

A Father’s Thoughts

The entire family system is affected by PANDAS. I have identified some of the key issues and symptoms from the histories provided by the parents, as well as, from those that my wife and I observed with our own child, son – age 8. First, the affect of these behaviors exhibited by our children shows… Continue reading A Father’s Thoughts

A Family’s Long Journey With PANDAS: Fighting for Recognition and Support

In the past five years, Stacie, her husband Peter, and their two children, Collin and Autumn, have been on a long journey with PANDAS. At first they didn’t even know what PANDAS was and it took years for Collin and Autumn to receive a diagnosis. Once they were able to get treatment, they faced the… Continue reading A Family’s Long Journey With PANDAS: Fighting for Recognition and Support

Amanda’s PANDAS Journey: From Misdiagnosis to Recovery

Amanda was diagnosed with PANDAS when she was 14 after six months of seeing multiple specialists who either misdiagnosed her or dismissed her symptoms. Her symptoms largely resolved when she was a junior in high school. She is now in her early 20’s, a junior in college on the pre-med track interested in pediatric primary… Continue reading Amanda’s PANDAS Journey: From Misdiagnosis to Recovery

Early Diagnosis Calms Acute OCD for Boy From India

Hear Gautam’s Story The nightmare I still remember is the date in December 2020 when this medical disaster struck us. Gautam, my 12-year-old, a playful fun-loving child with a typical, healthy medical history. He had a sudden change in disposition, panic attack accompanied by expressing guilt over a small occurrence at home. Guilt converted into… Continue reading Early Diagnosis Calms Acute OCD for Boy From India

Rebecca’s Inspirational PANDAS Recovery

Hear Rebecca’s Story (age 6 at onset) In the spring of 2009, after multiple positive strep infections, Rebecca’s parents noticed a change in their child—and later a PANDAS diagnosis. Hear from Rebecca and her parents about their journey through a PANDAS diagnosis and her recovery. PANDAS/PANS is a commonly misunderstood disorder in the medical community,… Continue reading Rebecca’s Inspirational PANDAS Recovery