Stacie Manna

Pandas Network

Stacie is a PANDAS mom with two children in remission. Prior to becoming the primary caregiver for her children, she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources and worked as an HR Director, with a focus on her passion of leadership and development. Inspired by her time volunteering with PANDAS Network, she recently returned to school focusing on Public Administration with an emphasis on the Nonprofit sector. 

Stacie quickly became an inspirational mentor and powerful voice to the PANDAS community after experiencing the devastation of this disorder. Her passion is to connect families with the support they need and make sure they know they are not alone. She also feels strongly about the importance of funding necessary research in order to move this disease model forward and has spent a significant amount of time finding new, innovative ways to do so.

Stacie resides just outside of the Milwaukee, WI area with her husband, Peter, and their two resilient children that have inspired her in many ways.

Project and Community Outreach Director