Katy Ricker

Pandas Network

Katy Ricker is a high school senior from Massachusetts where she was diagnosed with PANDAS at age 7. Once a diagnosis was made and treatment had started, she was able to begin her journey to recovery. As someone who struggled with PANDAS and occasional flares, she understands first hand the frustrations and loneliness it entails. This inspired her to create an Instagram blog, “PANDASforkids” to provide information for children and families, as well as comfort and inspiration for people struggling with PANDAS. She plans to study psychology and biology in hopes of one day working in the medical field or as a child psychologist. She knows she wants to be an advocate for children - someone who listens even when no one else will. Outside of school, she spends her days working at a daycare/preschool, coaching Learn-To-Skate classes, and volunteering in a food pantry. In her freetime,, she enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to music, practicing yoga, and working out.