Kyle Williams, M.D., Ph.D.

Pandas Network

Dr. Kyle Williams completed his residency, fellowship in child psychiatry and Ph.D. in Investigative Medicine/Neuroimmunology at the Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Graduate Studies. In 2013, he joined the faculty of Harvard Medical School and founded the Pediatric Neuropsychiatry and Immunology Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he treats children with PANDAS/PANS and obsessive-compulsive disorder and conducts research on the role of the immune system in shaping behavior.  

He’s authored multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on PANDAS, OCD and Tourette Syndrome, and recognitions throughout the years in the form of awards from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Outstanding Resident Award from the National Institute of Mental Health and recently, the Early Career Award in OCD Studies from the University of Toronto. He has conducted research on OCD/PANDAS and Tourette Syndrome and has evaluated and treated hundreds of children and adults with these conditions.

Most importantly, he greatly enjoys helping people manage and overcome the challenges that OCD, PANDAS and anxiety disorders can present in their lives and the lives of their children.

Director, Pediatric Neuropsychiatry and Immunology Program at Mass. General