Psychiatric Research

    Psychiatric Research

Psychiatric Research

Because PANDAS/PANS typically presents with psychiatric symptoms, many children are considered for psychiatric interventions and not immune system malfunction.

There is growing evidence that psychiatric interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP) do have a role in modulating and improving immune system function in mood disorders, including PANDAS/PANS. However, immune malfunction plays a role in PANDAS/PANS, and research is growing that points to the need to be sensitive to both psychological and immunological support.

That being said, should your child with PANDAS/PANS be evaluated and treated by a children’s psychiatrist or psychiatrist for OCD, eating disorders, mood dysregulation, tics, anxiety and more? Absolutely. Current psychiatric scientific research has shown that behavioral interventions can improve symptoms and patient outcomes. This is a complex topic, and we will continue to expand this section with family support and interventions that are being studied and are very much needed for this debilitating disease that affects everyone. Stay tuned to PANDAS Network in our fight to create lasting healing.

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