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Advocating for your child when doctors doubt the diagnosis


Aubrey Nagle

March 2015

Deanna Nichols’ 4-year-old son experienced recurrent strep infections, including one that turned into scarlet fever and required removal of his tonsils. He developed behavioral changes and anxiety after the surgery, prompting Deanna to take him to a psychiatrist who prescribed medication. But the treatment was unsuccessful, and her son’s symptoms worsened. She suspected that it could be PANDAS and had her son tested for strep, which came back positive, but no one could determine that this was the cause of his behavioral symptoms. As no one would confirm a PANDAS diagnosis, her son was admitted to inpatient psychiatric care. In this story, Deanna shares her experience of fighting stigma, advocating for her child and getting him the treatment he needed to get relief from his PANDAS symptoms.

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