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Is Strep Linked to Scary Kids’ Behavior Disorder?

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Jennifer Clopton

November 2017

When seven-year-old Garrett Pohlman came down with strep throat, his illness didn’t respond to antibiotics. Following his strep infection, he developed severe paranoia, OCD, anorexia and episodes of rage. His mother, Diana Pohlman, set out to find answers for her son’s condition. After being diagnosed with PANDAS, Garrett began long-term antibiotic treatment, had his tonsils removed and underwent IVIG treatments. Through this, Garrett made progress and saw reduction in the severity of his symptoms. Diana was relieved, but she wanted to help raise awareness for this disease and support other parents searching for answers. She founded the nonprofit PANDAS Network to raise awareness and support research to better understand how to diagnose and treat PANDAS.

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