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PANS/PANDAS in a School Setting

The PANDAS Network Working Group on Educational Access  has developed a downloadable toolkit for school personnel found here, of and has collaborated with University at Buffalo occupational therapy graduate students to develop a pilot 1.5 hour training for school personnel to accompany the toolkit training.  Please complete this post-training feedback surveafter watching the video.

The PANDAS Network Working Group on Educational Access consists of professionals and scholars who are dedicated to maximizing educational endeavors for our children despite PANDAS/PANS challenges.

We are grateful to the members of this group who shared their time and expertise so willingly: Christine L. Amabile, LCSW; Linda C. Avery, PhD; Christine Brown, PhD; Jamie Candelaria-Greene, PhD, BCET; Mary F. Candelaria, PsyD; Amaryllis Case, RN; Jodi M. Duke, EdD; Beth A. Economou, MS, CCC-SLP; Emily Klein, M.Ed; H. Nicole Myers, PhD; Patricia Rice Doran, EdD; Catherine Teal, RN; & Janice Tona, PhD, OTR



Resources for Our Educators

Whether you’re an educator, researcher, or connected in any other way to someone living with PANDAS/PANS, having a foundational understanding of this commonly misunderstood disorder is vital. PANDAS Network is dedicated to providing our supporters with a better understanding of PANDAS/PANS.

Downloadable Guides and Resources

PANDAS and PANS in School Settings
A Parents’ Guide to PANDAS, PANS, and Related Neuroimmune Disorders
PANS, CANS, and Automobiles: A Comprehensive Reference Guide for Helping Students with PANDAS and PANS

Understanding PANDAS

Familiarize yourself with the basics of PANDAS/PANS, including causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and other frequently asked questions. 

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Educators: Frequently Asked Questions

PANDAS/PANS is a lesser-known disorder, but educators play a key role in supporting children with this condition. We’ve collected some frequently asked questions for educators about IHCP plans, student accommodations and more.

How can PANDAS/PANS affect school participation?

How can I develop an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) to bridge a PANDA/PANS student’s educational and medical needs?

What are other ways to accommodate PANDAS/PANS patients?

Latest News

Discover the latest news and information pertaining to the treatment, diagnosis and awareness of PANDAS/PANS.

Frequently Asked Questions 

See our list of the most common questions from physicians and parents about PANDAS/PANS. 

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Family conducts a video conference video chat consultation with a doctor online sitting at home

The Research 

Stay up to date with the latest research surrounding PANDAS/PANS. Our curated library of research, articles, case studies and reports helps shed light on this commonly misunderstood disease.

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Our Mission

Help us continue to support the children and adults living with PANDAS/PANS.


Support research and critical support for families.

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