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Whether you’re an educator, researcher, or connected in any other way to someone living with PANDAS/PANS, having a foundational understanding of this commonly misunderstood disorder is vital. PANDAS Network is dedicated to providing our supporters with a better understanding of PANDAS/PANS.

Downloadable Guides and Resources

Understanding PANDAS

Familiarize yourself with the basics of PANDAS/PANS, including causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and other frequently asked questions. 

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Educators: Frequently Asked Questions

PANDAS/PANS is a lesser-known disorder, but educators play a key role in supporting children with this condition. We’ve collected some frequently asked questions for educators about IHCP plans, student accommodations and more.

How can PANDAS/PANS affect school participation?

How can I develop an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) to bridge a PANDA/PANS student’s educational and medical needs?

What are other ways to accommodate PANDAS/PANS patients?

Latest News

Discover the latest news and information pertaining to the treatment, diagnosis and awareness of PANDAS/PANS.

Frequently Asked Questions 

See our list of the most common questions from physicians and parents about PANDAS/PANS. 

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The Research 

Stay up to date with the latest research surrounding PANDAS/PANS. Our curated library of research, articles, case studies and reports helps shed light on this commonly misunderstood disease.

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Help us continue to support the children and adults living with PANDAS/PANS.


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