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Find our collection of books that a parent, provider, educator or supporter of a child with PANDAS/PANS will want to read or buy.

Brain Inflamed

by Kenneth Bock, M.D.

In “Brain Inflamed,” acclaimed integrative doctor Dr. Kenneth Bock shares a new view of adolescent and teen mental health—one that suggests many common mental disorders in this population (depression, anxiety and OCD) may share the same underlying mechanism: systemic inflammation. He details how imbalances in the immune system and microbiome can generate neurological inflammation.

A Parent’s Guide to PANDAS, PANS, and Related Neuroimmune Disorders

by Patricia Rice Doran, Christine L. Amabile, Tiffany Tumminaro, Heather Korbmacher and Diana Pohlman

This book is a guide for parents navigating the world with a child with PANDAS/PANS or other neuroimmune disorders. Read about the symptoms and diagnosis of PANDAS and PANS, treatment options and recommended strategies for supporting children. 

Hello, Health

by Pamela Wirth, Melanie Alarcio, M.D. and Jeremy Appleton, N.D.

A mother searched for answers on how to help her 6-year-old son, who suddenly began to regress developmentally. With contributions from parents and doctors, the book explains things that can trigger a child’s genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease. It also explores the difference between conventional and functional medicine and the connection between our gut, brain and behavior.  

My Kid is Not Crazy

by Tim Sorel

“My Kid is Not Crazy,” a film by Tim Sorel, tracks the journey of six children and their families as they become tangled in the nightmare of a medical system heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. Here, it’s common for a caregiver to prescribe a young child a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, or SSRI, but hesitate to prescribe an antibiotic to counteract a potential infection-based trigger. For some kids, what happens after several years is shocking and sad.

PANDAS and PANS in School Settings

by Patricia Rice Doran

This practical handbook explains how educators can distinguish between symptoms and pre-existing conditions and offers strategies for supporting students with PANDAS and PANS. Experts provide the understanding needed to identify PANDAS and PANS and carry out effective interventions. As the incidence of PANDAS and PANS rises, this book will be an essential resource for school staff handling these complex disorders. 

PANS, CANS, and Automobiles

by Jamie Candelaria Greene, Ph.D., BCET

This groundbreaking book on PANS-related education describes PANS, its symptoms and explains the “why” behind the behavior to teachers, parents and professionals. The tools offered in this book include a number of resources (including sample letters that the providers and parents can use to write to their school officials, etc.) and medical diagnostic tools that can be of huge assistance in justifying diagnosis, treatment and accommodation.

What Happened to my Child?

by Heather Korbmacher

When Heather Korbmacher’s 10-year-old son began having extreme emotional responses to otherwise normal situations, she wondered what was happening to her child. In this true story, Heather shares her journey to find answers, save her son and take back control of her life. A portion of the proceeds supports PANDAS Network.

What to do When Your Brain Gets Stuck

by Dawn Huebner, Ph.D.

OCD symptoms can be frightening and difficult to control. This book guides children and their parents through cognitive behavioral techniques used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. This interactive self-help book turns kids into super-sleuths who can recognize and more appropriately respond to OCD’s tricks.

In a Pickle Over PANDAS

by Melanie S. Weiss, R.N.

This book follows a young boy’s journey with PANDAS. He is stricken with unusual and frightening symptoms that turn his world upside down. After visits with doctors, blood draws and surgery, he is finally on the road to recovery. In time, he forgets this severe illness. Then, the only PANDAS he knows of are the black and white bears at the zoo.

The Parent’s Survival Guide to PANDAS/PANS

by Deborah Marcus

Whether you are just beginning on this journey and attempting to get a proper diagnosis for your child or have been on this journey for a while and need help coping, The Parent’s Survival Guide to PANDAS/PANS will help you navigate the emotional, physical and financial challenges of these illnesses.

Protecting Your Child

by Beth Alison Maloney, JD

When parents need help and direction about CPS involvement, this book provides them with the clear and accurate information they need to make informed decisions.

Demystifying PANS/PANDAS

by Nancy O’Hara, MD, MPH, FAAP

Demystifying PANS/PANDAS is a unique and long overdue resource in the field of pediatric neurobehavioral health, providing a comprehensive overview of the “three-pronged approach” to assessment and care, conventional and naturopathic interventions, a trove of case studies, and plenty of clinical pearls along the way.

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