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It Took me 12 Years to Get a Proper Mental Health Diagnosis. This Needs to Change. (Leah Penney, The Seattle Times, February 2022)Visit Site


Steph’s Packed Lunch with Neil and Lucie (Steph’s Packed Lunch, March 2021) Visit Site

A Boy, His Brain, and a Decades-Long Medical Controversy (Seema Yemin, Wired, March 2021) Visit Site

‘PANS’ – The little-known syndrome going undiagnosed in Australian children (Emily McPherson, Nine News Sydney, May 2021) Visit Site

2019 – 2020

Why your kid’s strep throat keeps coming back (La Jolla Institute for Immunology, February 2019) Visit Site


We’re fighting for our kids: Catonsville mother works to expand insurance coverage for pediatric neurological disease (Cody Boteler, The Baltimore Sun, February 2019) Visit Site

Encephalitis – what is the invisible disease? (Richard Slee, ITV News, February 2019) Visit Site
When Sudden Behavior Changes Are Actually PANDAS (Jodi Metzler, Scary Mommy, December 2019) Visit Site

Little-Known PANDAS Syndrome Getting Attention (Alissa Johnson, National Conference of State Legislatures, November 2019) Visit Site

Calgary parents raise awareness about little-known childhood illness (Jennifer Lee, CBC News, December 2019) Visit Site


Mystery Diagnosis, Children Under Attack (Nightline, ABC 7 News, July 2018) Visit Site

PANDAS Has Taken My Daughter From Me (Cara Arnold, Scary Mommy, December 2018) Visit Site

Infections in kids tied to subsequent mental illness risk in new study (Jacqueline Howard, CNN, December 2018) Visit Site


PANDAS/PANS treatments, awareness evolve, but some experts skeptical (Jessica Pupillo, AAP News, March 2017) Visit Site

Is Strep Linked to Scary Kids’ Behavior Disorder? (Jennifer Clopton, WebMD Health News, November 2017) Visit Site


N.H. Families Fight For Rare Diagnosis Linking Strep To Kids’ OCD (Jack Rodolico, New Hampshire Public Radio, February 2015) Visit Site

Clinical Evaluation of Youth with Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS): Recommendations from the 2013 PANS Consensus Conference (Kiki Chang, Jennifer Frankovich, et al., Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, February 2015) Visit Site

Family challenged by rare disease (Jeff Guy, The Kansan, March 2015) Visit Site

Advocating for your child when doctors doubt the diagnosis (Aubrey Nagle, PhillyVoice, March 2015) Visit Site

Yes, You Can Catch Insanity: A controversial disease revives the debate about the immune system and mental illness. (Andrew Curry, Nautilus, April 2015) Visit Site

Dockser Marcus A. Can an infection trigger OCD? The Wall Street Journal. Published July 12, 2015. Accessed September 8, 2021


PANDAS: A Puzzling Illness in Children (Lisa D. Ellis, QualityHealth, October 2014) Visit Site

PANDAS: A little-known disorder with a large impact (Arlene Harris, The Irish Times, October 2014) Visit Site

Brain attack: An explanation for a mental illness that strikes out of the blue (Erin Digitale, Stanford Medicine, Fall 2014) Visit Site

Living With PANDAS (Angelique LeDoux, New York Family, October 2014) Visit Site

Little known condition called PANDAS can change a child’s life (Wendy Winiewski, Global News, October 2014) Visit Site


For kids, infection can spur deeper condition (Marie Howard, Richmond Times-Dispatch, January 2013) Visit Site

A child’s mind in chaos: Auburn girl, 8, seized by rare set of psychiatric disorders (Samantha House, The Citizen, January 2013) Visit Site

Rare strep throat complication can cause OCD behaviors, tics (Allen Mask, M.D., UNC Health, February 2013) Visit Site

Kids catch OCD from form of strep (WMC-TV, Action News 5, May 2013) Visit Site

Youthful victim of rare disease looks to spread word about PANS (Jessica Botelho, Warwick Beacon, May 2013) Visit Site

Tri-State mother hopes to raise awareness about PANDAS (Kara Mattingly, 14 News, June 2013) Visit Site

Can an infection give children OCD? (Quirks & Quarks, CBC News, October 2013) Visit Site

A hopeful treatment to a parent’s worst nightmare (Richard Asinof, ConvergentRI, October 2013) Visit Site


Parents in St. Louis area say mental illness in kids tied to strep (Blythe Bernhard, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 2012) Visit Site

PANDAS: A Scary and Controversial Disorder (Gail O’Connor, Parents, April 2012) Visit Site

Families fight with PANDAS (Jaclyn Cosgrove, The Oklahoman, April 2012) Visit Site

PANDAS: “My brain is making me do this!” (Vicki Louk Balint, Raising Arizona Kids, July 2012) Visit Site

Local parents trying to spread word about disorder that changed their lives (Jerry Davich, Chicago Parent, July 2012) Visit Site


Strep infection sometimes leads to sudden tics in children (Anne Marie Tiernon, WTHR Channel 13, July 2011) Visit Site

B.C. boy with rare disorder gets experimental treatment (Jon Woodward, CTV News, August 2011) Visit Site

Researchers study rare disorder in children (WPVI-TV, ABC 6 Action News, September 2011) Visit Site

Medical Mystery: What explained second-grader’s sudden panic and obsessions? (Sandra G. Boodman, Washington Post, September 2011) Visit Site

Does Strep Throat Trigger Serious Ills? (Melinda Beck, The Wall Street Journal, December 2011) Visit Site