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Living with PANDAS/PANS

Learning that your child or loved one has been diagnosed with PANDAS/PANS is not easy. The most important thing is to be supportive and aware of the pain and confusion that they may be experiencing. With early diagnosis and treatment, patients have a higher chance to recover and heal from symptoms. Help advocate for your loved one to get the right kind of treatment, especially if they are unable to communicate for themselves. Educate family members, your child’s school, neighbors and healthcare providers through reliable sources. 

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Understanding PANDAS

Familiarize yourself with what we currently know about PANDAS/PANS, including causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and other frequently asked questions. 

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Parents: Frequently Asked Questions

When your child’s personality seems to change overnight, we know you have questions. We’ve collected a few commonly asked questions from parents and families dealing with PANDAS/PANS.


What causes PANDAS/PANS?

What are typical PANDAS/PANS symptoms?

What types of treatments are available for PANDAS/PANS?

Why is it so difficult to find a diagnosis and treatment for my child?

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Sample Letters for Families

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You are not alone in this fight. Other families affected by PANDAS/PANS have shared their personal stories to help raise awareness of PANDAS/PANS and encourage others whose lives are affected by these disorders. 

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Find a Physician

Search our database to find a practitioner who is experienced in helping patients with symptoms relating to PANDAS/PANS.

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Our Mission

Help us continue to support the children and adults living with PANDAS/PANS.


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