School can be difficult for a PANDAS/PANS child. A child may experience school refusal, a decline in performance (including handwriting and math skills), and more. The following are resources that may be helpful to parents, teachers, school nurses, and administration.

Resources For School Staff and Parents

Sample Letters for Families

You can use these frameworks to craft a letter for the teachers, administrators and staff who interact with your child at school. Copy and paste the text, then customize them for your personal use.


Websites and General Articles

Other Suggestions

Even if you don’t have a 504 Plan or IEP in place, you can still talk to the teacher(s) and administration about what would make school more comfortable for your child and for you.

Some suggestions are:

  • Call the Principal and say you want to be notified when a classmate is absent due to strep. If there are siblings, you can request the same for their classes as well. The school will not be able to give you specific names due to privacy.

  • Talk to the teacher about allowing frequent bathroom breaks if frequent urination is an issue. If you don’t discuss this, the teacher may have class rules about how often/when a child is allowed to use the bathroom.

  • Establish a ‘code’ with the teacher. Perhaps if the child puts a certain object or piece of paper on their desk or the teacher’s desk, it will signal the teacher that the student is overwhelmed and needs a break from the classroom.

  • Get permission for your child to use a water bottle in the classroom to prevent germ exposure from water fountains.

  • Look back at older writing  journals for possible handwriting changes. This may include margin drifts and legibility issues. These journals may be kept in the classroom.

Photo credit: NIMH