Fundraisers & Events

Upcoming PANDAS Research Webinar

We are hosting a research webinar on April 18th at 3 pm PST. Dr. Irene Pedersen (Scintillon Research Institute) and Dr. Dritan Agalliu (Neuroscientist, Columbia University) will dialogue about the transformative 3D stem cell research live and in person. Don’t miss an opportunity to meet these outstanding PANDAS scientists and ask your PANDAS-related research questions!

Read more about the research here

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Let’s Find a PANDAS Cure

The impact of PANDAS on the Pohlman family and their two children traces their efforts in fundraising as well as enhancing the diagnosis, treatment, and advocacy for PANDAS.

Help us reach our goal of raising $100,000!

T-Shirt Campaign

We are excited to announce our first “Art By PANDAS Youth Advocates” t-shirt campaign kicked off by Emma Smollar, a brave 16-year-old from New York who has battled and is healing from PANDAS. Emma designed the shirt to inspire curiosity and dialogue about this under-researched illness. We love it! Don’t you? ORDER BY SEPT. 16 to receive by Oct. 9th Awareness Day! Read more about Emma and her passion for our community here

Past Events

PANDAS Network–Northwell Health NYC Virtual Conference

Feb. 22, 2022

In honor of World Encephalitis Day, PANDAS Network & Northwell Health NYC are hosting “Understanding the Spectrum of Childhood Autoimmune Encephalitis including PANDAS and PANS,” a virtual conference for medical professionals. Speakers include: Dr. Souhel Najjar, Chair of Neurology; speakers from Italy, Australia, Mayo Clinic and Texas Children’s; and PANDAS/PANS researchers Pittenger, Agalliu, Shafrir and Spalice. All video of the conference will be made available to families. Check out our sponsors, Octapharma, Soleo Health and Rogers Behavioral Health in the conference Exhibit Hall.

Links to Conference Videos, Lecture PDFs, & Timestamp Agenda Found Here