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Upcoming Fundraisers & Events


PANDAS Run is the first movement of its kind in the PANDAS community that offers the opportunity for anyone, of any age, to combine their hobbies, interests and passions and do what they love while raising the critical funds needed to elevate the medical care our children receive! You can donate or sign up to start your own movement at anytime! Donate Now | PANDAS Run Movement by PANDAS Network ( Just click “I want to fundraise for this” to get started!

This movement began in Hattiesburg, MS with the Murphy family, whose son was diagnosed with PANDAS in March of 2022. In the midst of struggling for a diagnosis and treatment, the Murphy’s realized that running was a positive and healthy way to cope with the daily challenges of having a child living with PANDAS. Through running, a vision emerged of using running, arts, and any personal interests or hobbies as a voice. Our goals of the PANDAS Run movement are to raise awareness by educating the public about these disorders, to raise funds to improve the health disparities that exist and directly impact the lack of medical care being available to those who suffer from this devastating disorder.

This movement is ongoing and adaptable to you. Whether you are a runner, walker, mountain climber, outdoors enthusiast, fishing master, swimmer, singer, dancer, artist, or whatever your skill or hobby is, we invite you to take action and ask donors to sponsor you doing these activities. 

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Special thanks to the Murphy Family for partnering with PANDAS Network and stepping forward to create this opportunity for all of our families.

T-Shirt Campaign

We are excited to announce our first “Art By PANDAS Youth Advocates” t-shirt campaign kicked off by Emma Smollar, a brave 16-year-old from New York who has battled and is healing from PANDAS. Emma designed the shirt to inspire curiosity and dialogue about this under-researched illness. We love it! Don’t you? ORDER BY SEPT. 16 to receive by Oct. 9th Awareness Day! Read more about Emma and her passion for our community here

Past Fundraisers & Events

PANDAS Network–Northwell Health NYC Virtual Conference

Feb. 22, 2022

In honor of World Encephalitis Day, PANDAS Network & Northwell Health NYC are hosting “Understanding the Spectrum of Childhood Autoimmune Encephalitis including PANDAS and PANS,” a virtual conference for medical professionals. Speakers include: Dr. Souhel Najjar, Chair of Neurology; speakers from Italy, Australia, Mayo Clinic and Texas Children’s; and PANDAS/PANS researchers Pittenger, Agalliu, Shafrir and Spalice. All video of the conference will be made available to families. Check out our sponsors, Octapharma, Soleo Health and Rogers Behavioral Health in the conference Exhibit Hall.

Links to Conference Videos, Lecture PDFs, & Timestamp Agenda Found Here

PANDAS Network Rays of Light Virtual 5k Walk/Run

Oct. 15 – Nov. 30, 2021



This is a past event, but it will happen again next October, 2022. Stay tuned for more details as the next date approaches!

Please join us in raising money and awareness for PANDAS Network through our first ever virtual run/walk. All proceeds will go to fund our research, education, advocacy, awareness and family support programs.

  1. Click below to access the main registration page. Choose “Become a Ray of Light”, to donate and receive an email with instructions on purchasing your event t-shirt, participation medal, and customizable event bib.
  2. After you receive your shirt and event gear, please send us a photo in your t-shirt to help spread the rays of light and awareness to Post your photos on social media and use hashtags #pandasnetworkfunrun and #pandasnetwork. Email any questions to
  3. Have fun with it! Complete your 5K by walking, running, biking, skipping, even wiggling! Find a group to do it with or do it alone. Just do it!