Medical Intervention for PANDAS: A Presentation for Parents and Medical Professionals

Presented by Dr. Yuval Shafrir, Neurologist with Dr. Odelya Gertel Kraybill, Psychotherapist  (video link here)

This 90-minute webinar reviews information essential to understanding medical intervention to PANDAS/PANS/AE:

  • What interventions are needed and in what order?
  • How do interventions close to the onset of a diagnosis differ from those many years later?
  • When and how can we know that a given treatment is not a good fit? After 2 months? 6 months?
  • Why is it important to treat the immune system? What are the treatments?
  • What treatments should be avoided and why?  
  • What to do in times of flares?
  • Why should parents see a neurologist and not a psychiatrist?
  • What can be harmful to PANDAS children from the integrative medicine world? 
  • What can be beneficial to PANDAS from the integrative world?
  • When is it not PANS/PANDAS. How to avoid a wrong diagnosis?


PANS/PANDAS in the School: An Online Seminar for School Personnel

Presented by Syndney Allen, OTS; Nicole Cecchi, OTS; Ashley Monaco, OTS; Caitlin Owens, OTS; Kayley Zydel, OTS, Dr. Janice Tona, OTR/L

Do you want to learn more about working with children with PANS/PANDAS in school?  Participate in this free 90 minute online seminar and answer the brief pretest, posttest, and follow up survey to provide research to help improve the seminar.  The survey link can be found here: PANS online training flyer


Guthrie Medical Grand Rounds- Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management of PANS: Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (February 2019)

Presented by Dr. Tricia Williams

Tricia T. Williams, MD is an integrative family physician in rural Pennsylvania who is the parent of a child with PANDAS.  Dr. Williams graduated from Cornell University then completed her medical education at the Chicago Medical School and family medicine residency through Northwestern University.  More recently, she completed fellowship and became board certified in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.  She is passionate about th eintegration of conventional and complementary approaches to improve health and well being, and frequently lectures on holistic medicine and mental health topics.  

Click Here for Video of Gurthrie Medical Grand Rounds


Staten Island University Hospital PANDAS Documentary Screening and Panel (May 2017)

Panel discussion with Dr. Dritan Agalliu, Dr. Michael Gabriel, Dr. Susan Schulman, Dr. Rosario Trifiletti, moderated by Dr. Ginny Mantello and Dr. Susan Swedo

Dr. Dritan Agalliu explains the basics of PANDAS and autoimmune encephalitis at approximately 35 minutes into the video



Cunningham Panel

Dr. Madeleine Cunningham explains how the Cunningham panel works

Group A Streptococcus intranasal infection promotes central nervous system infiltration by rogue immune cells

Presented by Dr. Dritan Agalliu and Dr. Pat Cleary

Group A Streptococcus intranasal infection promotes CNS infiltration by streptococcal-specific Th17 cells

Lake Cuomo Conference Presentations (September 2015)

Presentions by Dr. Susan Swedo, Dr. Cunningham, Dr. James F. Leckman, Diana Pohlman, Dr. M. Elizabeth Latimer

West Coast Symposium Presentations (April 2014)

Opening (Diana Pohlman, Sarah Alleman, Lance Smith)

PANDAS, PANS, & Beyond (Dr. Susan Swedo)

The Brain, the Immune System, and Encephalopathy (Dr. Melanie Burgos-Alarcio)

PANDAS/PANS What are the Questions? (Dr. Michael Cooperstock)

Parent Experience (Teresa Gallo)

Panel Discussion: Q&A with Speakers

Think Outside the Box (Amy Joy Smith, NP)

Informational Videos

Introduction to Autoimmunity (Dr. Noel Rose 2012)

Example of Chorea in a child with PANDAS